Heavenly Father, we come before you acknowledging that every good thing we have comes from You. We know that we are expected to be good stewards, as individuals and as a church, of all the good gifts You have given us. As we consider the church’s capital campaign, please help us discern what our giving should be to support the church’s mission moving forward. Lord, we remain grateful for everything You have done for us and most especially for the gift of Your Son Jesus. And it is in His name we pray, Amen.



Our capital campaign, Moving Our Mission Forward, seeks to raise gifts and three-year commitments that are over and above our regular tithes and offerings.


Amount Owed (as of 12/31/2023)
Current Interest Rate
Monthly Payments
Annual Payment
Maturity Date (Date we would have to refinance at higher interest rate)

Campaign Brochure

Prayer Guide


  • A gift of cash that is in addition to your regular tithes and offerings
  • A three-year commitment to give over and above tithes and offerings
  • Stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. Gifts of appreciated financial assets may provide you with tax savings. Check with your financial advisor.
  • A gift of land or real estate with clear title and no environmental hazard. Capital gains tax avoidance may also be possible with gifts of real property.
  • A direct distribution to the church from a qualified retirement plan (IRA) that would also satisfy your required minimum distribution. This is available only if you are age 72 or older. Check with the custodian of your IRA.
  • Give a paid-up life insurance policy that is no longer needed
  • Name the church as a beneficiary in your will or in a charitable trust

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