Benevolence Ministry

April 2023

Tears rolled softly down her cheeks as she looked in the bags she had gotten from the pantry. “I have not had milk in months because I could not afford it. Thank you. Thank you.” Pantry volunteers hear many such stories. There are several grandmothers and great grandmothers who are raising young children and teens who have been left in their care. Through our Pantry we can supplement their food budget and provide healthy food for the whole family. 

The Pantry provides families with wholesome produce, meat, dairy, cereal, and canned foods. On Thanksgiving each family is provided with a turkey, sides, and dessert. The Pantry is grateful for the partnerships with the Golden Harvest Food Bank, Retail Rescue Program, FBC Pre-School, FBC Sunday School Classes and Men on Mission.  

The pantry volunteers start the day with a prayer and offer a prayer to our guests as we load their cars with their bags.  Bibles and area food bank resources are also available.  

Another facet of Benevolence is Financial Assistance for Utility payments.  A young woman who had been helped with this ministry in the past, returned to visit.  She reported that with the help of this Ministry during those months she was able to get back on her feet. Not only had she settled her bills, but she had put herself through college and now had a degree in Social Work and was putting her son through college.  She was very grateful that this church had been there for her during some difficult years in her life. The financial guests receive counselling, a Bible and prayer for their needs.  Regardless of which area they are visiting (food or financial) they are invited to join us in worship at FBC. 

This Ministry is managed by faithful volunteers.  The camaraderie and rewards far out measure the time and dedication these volunteers provide.  We like to think of our volunteers as ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. Benevolence meets most Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 AM. 

There are so many success stories from clients who have received food from the Pantry and Free Market as well as financial aid. Thank you for supporting the Benevolence Ministry.  You may contribute food at any time by using the shopping cart in the welcome center.  You may also contribute by cash or check using the green envelope or mobile giving through the website or the SecureGive Vision app (available to both Apple and Android users). Be sure to earmark these contributions for the Benevolence Ministry.