Welcome to Contemporary Worship. We are so glad you chose to worship with us this morning!


Songs of Worship:

Graves Into Gardens

Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Tiffany Hammer – CCLI 7138219

This Is How I Fight My Battles

Elyssa Smith and Justin Williams – CCLI 7098758

Pastoral Prayer:

Will Dyer


Hope Shows Up Where You Least Expect It – Acts 10:44-48

Song of Response:


Chris McClarney, Jeff Pardo, and Lindsey Sweat- CCLI 7115546


Acoustic Guitar –  Dan Gaudinier

Drums – Evan Roberson, Rob Stephens

Bass Guitar – Daniel Willingham

Electric Guitar – Will Fletcher

Keys – Erin Carrick

Vocals – Dan Gaudinier, Ansleigh Davis and Erika Jones