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First Thoughts – May 5, 2021

Dear Church, It is a routine in my home that at 5:45 am, almost every morning, I hear the word “Mom” echoing through our downstairs. Naomi, our youngest daughter, is…
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First Thoughts – April 28, 2021

Dear Church, If you are reading this digital edition of the Interpreter then I can safely assume that you are, at least somewhat, tech savvy. You should have received an…
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First Thoughts – March 31, 2021

Friends, This Sunday is the greatest day of our year! Easter is the reason we exist as a people, because if Jesus conquered death, then anything is possible! Over the…
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First Thoughts – March 24, 2021

Church, Each week over the past month, attendance in worship has grown at our contemporary and traditional services. We are quickly approaching a moment where we will max out our…
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First Thoughts – March 10, 2021

Dear Church, In this edition of the digital Interpreter, I want to remind you of some incredibly important dates in the life of our church. This Sunday, we begin Daylight…
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First Thoughts – February 24, 2021

Dear Church, Sunday was excellent! We began our morning with two in-person worship services that were filled with energy and excitement. The online services that morning had tremendous participation and…
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