I love Proverbs 8 for a number of different reasons. But what I love most about this classic text is that we learn who Wisdom is speaking to in this life. Who is that God wants to live well, filled with knowledge and insight into the wonder and generosity of the Creator? The short answer is “All people”! The Wisdom of God is not only for the educated, the elite, or the ones who deserve it most. Instead, we hear that she (yes, she) “calls, and her cry is to all that live” (v.4). The desire of God is that all people should be filled with the insight into how life is supposed to be lived. And if God desires that all people would be given Wisdom, I believe it is entirely appropriate to say that God dreams that all people would receive his Love, ultimately given to us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

As I read the news this morning, I felt my anxiety rising as I read another story about another politician who has said something absurd. I felt myself getting angry…and then I remembered something important, that this person is, like me, created in the image of God. This man is loved by Jesus. He is not far from the Grace that has changed my life. I need to be reminded, many times a day, that God’s Wisdom and Love are intended for ALL PEOPLE! So early this morning, I prayed for this politician and I asked that God would open his eyes so that he might see the goodness of the Gospel.

I wonder, who is it in your life that makes you angry? Is there someone that simply gets under your skin and makes your day worse? Today, I want you to remember that God desires Wisdom for them as well. I pray that we all might have the Wisdom of the Lord one day, as it is “better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.” (8:11)

I hope you have a wonderful week,