Occasionally, there are sections of the Bible where the artistry is lost due to translation from the original language. Proverbs two is in fact a carefully constructed poem that is written in an acrostic pattern. There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet and there are, yep, twenty-two verses in this poem. Thank you for indulging my inner nerd, because I think that little piece of information is awesome!

This Proverb describes for us the benefits of wisdom for our lives. If we follow the way of wisdom, then according to the author then we will live with understanding, righteousness, and justice. Following the way of Wisdom will save us from those people who love to gossip and speak ill of others. If we give our hearts to the way of the wise one, Jesus Christ, then we are told that our lives will be so much better than we could ask or imagine. I don’t know about you, but each of those benefits sound like things I desperately want in my life.

It’s interesting to me that the Proverb 2:4 compares Wisdom to a treasure. More than anything else in the book of Proverbs, seeking wisdom is compared to searching for wealth. I believe that is the perfect analogy for our time. I say that because we live in a culture that, honestly, values money and the accumulation of wealth more than almost anything else. The majority of people choose their careers based on how much money they can earn. Our culture celebrates and idolizes men like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, almost entirely because of how much money that have accumulated. It is hard to overestimate how much money influences and impacts our lives.

Proverbs 2 invites us to reimagine our lives with a different set of priorities. Money is nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the value of Wisdom! If you want to live well, fully alive, connected to God and other people, then seek Wisdom with all your heart. I have devoted my life to finding Wisdom and sharing it with others, and the good news for us is that the way of Wisdom can be found in Jesus Christ. Through his life, death, and resurrection Jesus has shown us not only the depths of God’s love, but he has also modeled for us the most excellent way to live. Listen to what he says and then seek to live out his values as your own and I promise you are well on your way to Wisdom!

One of my favorite writers was Abraham Joshua Heschel. In one of his most famous sayings, Heschel wrote that “Never once in my life did I ask God for success or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and He gave it to me.” I like that idea. Together, let’s ask God for wonder and wisdom. When we do, He might even give it to us!

Much Love,