In Children’s Worship and Sunday Bible Study this month we are discussing RESPONSIBILITY. We have defined responsibility as; Showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you. Each week our bottom line gives another directive for the kids to live out. Week One: We left knowing we should love God and love others. This is the foundation to being a vibrant Christian. Week Two: Our bottom line, or charge for the week, was to share what you have. We discussed the parable of the farmer whose harvest was so large, instead of sharing with those in need he just built bigger barns to store it all for himself. In the end his greediness cost him his life. This week, Week Three: We will talk about working hard. We will discuss what it means to strive for our best and to not be lazy. We will be using Proverbs 6 to help the children understand this responsibility of working hard, but we could just as easily use Proverbs 13.

All of the Proverbs discuss our responsibility as a follower of Jesus. Proverbs 13 creates a picture, almost a listing of Pros of what it looks like to be a follower of God and the Cons if we choose not to follow.  These 25 verses give us instructions, even a map through life from childhood through death of what we should choose if we want to live a life of joy with God. As you read through Proverbs 13 today, mark some of the instructions that you need to focus on this week. Name your bottom line from Proverbs 13. I will be pondering on Proverbs 13:3 “Careful words make for a careful life, careless talk may ruin everything.”

In our current state of political discourse, health crisis, and everyday stresses, I know that it is my responsibility to make sure that my words are carefully spoken, my integrity stays intact, and that my words and actions match, always pointing people to Jesus. What do you feel God has placed as your responsibility in this day and time? Where do you need to work on your heart? Where can you share the wisdom that you have with someone else? Enjoy walking with the wise today as you read Proverbs 13.

With Joy,