Dear Church,

It’s only Wednesday, but this week has already proven to be amazing.  There are so many things to celebrate in this season. First, the weather has cooled off and the humidity has dropped. It has been a wonderful feeling to step outside and feel that Fall is quickly approaching. But that’s just one reason why this week has been so fantastic. There are two other things that I want to celebrate today.

First, kids have all started back to school! I cannot begin to tell you how glad my girls were to start back at Lake Forest Hills on Tuesday. There was an energy in my house that you could feel all around us. No matter your age, there is something special about being with other people and sharing your days with the company of others. We are now in a time where Richmond and Columbia County Schools are all in session. In just a few days, many of our members in South Carolina will begin their school year and then we will all be back in some form of routine. I hope you join me in praying for our students, teachers, and everyone who works to educate our kids. In these unprecedented times, I hope our educators know that they are loved and prayed for by our church. I can certainly say that in the Dyer home, we appreciate them more than they could ever know!

Finally, the thing that makes this week so exciting is that we begin our new outdoor worship service this Sunday, September 13th. By this point, you have no doubt heard that we will gather together at 9:00 to celebrate the Resurrected Christ just outside the front doors of our Sanctuary. We have a beautiful amphitheater that was designed for gatherings like this, and we are so excited to begin this Sunday. In this edition of the Interpreter, you can find our all the details you need to know as we approach Sunday. I’ll give you the highlights,

  • Be ready to sing! Part of our reason for worshiping outside is that it allows us the ability to safely engage in singing, which we know is critically important for a number of you.
  • You don’t need to register. Simply show up on Sunday morning and set up your chair or blanket, which you will need to bring.
  • Worship will begin at 9:00 and will conclude promptly at 9:45. This is so you will have plenty of time to get to your Sunday School or Small Group, which also begin meeting again this week.
  • We will have childcare! This week, we resume children’s worship for kids Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, and there will also be nursery care for children birth-four.
  • We will still have our 11:00 worship service in the Sanctuary! That service will continue as it has for the past few months, and you can register to attend that service by going to our website

I do have a request that I would like to make to each of you. In order for us to make Sunday an excellent experience, we need a significant number of volunteers. While we have the number that we need for this week, it always good to have extra folks who are willing to serve in this most important task of making sure Sunday morning is amazing for anyone who joins us for worship. Whether you would like to greet, serve in the nursery, lead our children in worship with Melissa, or any number of other areas, there is a place for you to volunteer and use your gifts for the glory of God. If you are willing to volunteer on Sunday morning, please email Cyndi Busby at and she will connect you with the ministry area where you are most needed!

We begin a new sermon series this week, Finding Hope, where we will look at the prophet Jeremiah, who takes the people of Israel from grief and lament and he gives them direction on how to find hope in their lives. I think this is a series we need to hear now more than ever.

Whether in-person or online, I can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,