In what ways are you currently plugged in at FBC? It may sound like a simple question but there should be some feng shui in this answer. That’s a fun term which represents balance within a room, situation, or one’s existence. For this purpose, it represents our being/existence.

First and foremost, we should all be plugged into worship. Worship is our main purpose as followers of God. Christ reminds us of this when he enters Jerusalem for the last time. The book of Hebrews is all about it. Weekly worship is our conversation with God and the retelling of His saving acts. It is the “practice” for eternity and hopefully engages all our senses in an effort to commune with God and with each other.

Second, we need to be plugged into inward development outside of worship. Sunday school, Wednesday night devotional groups, Bible study and more are all ways in which we can understand how to fully live into God’s plan for our lives.

Third, we need to be plugged into an outward expression that celebrates God’s work and gifts in us, through us. Do you remember the movie Field of Dreams? Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) hears a voice, builds a baseball field, drives across country and more and then is denied an amazing experience to go into the unknown. At this point of listening to “the voice,” he’s fed up and asks Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta), “What’s in it for me?” Culture has taught us to live with a “what’s in it for me” mentality, but the Church is called to be counter-cultural. So, we do this by serving.

Monday night I listened to a member of Men on Missions tell the deacon body all of the progress done on the Avery house downtown. We also heard about how they brought pallets of bottled water up to north Georgia to victims of the recent flooding. Tuesday morning I witnessed a dozen of our members volunteer their time in the food pantry to supply food to 45 individuals who were in need. Tonight I’ll be meeting with at least 35 (hopefully 40 or more) choir members as we prepare for worship this Sunday. These are all ways to plug in and use your gifts to further the Kingdom of God. Of course since I did mention choir practice, and I happen to be the Minister of Music, have you considered singing in the choir? Choir is a GREAT way to get plugged in and use your voice in praising God, helping others worship, and connecting others to Christ. The great thing about choir is that EVERY voice strengthens the gift that the choir provides. Everyone makes a difference.

Joe answers Ray’s question in the movie with a question: “Is that why you did this? For you?” What ends up happening though is Ray is United with his deceased father. He is essentially given an unexpected gift through his acts of service.

Ask anyone who serves. The more they give, the more they are rewarded and the better harmony they have as a Christian. They end up having a good feng shui!