Dear Church,

In the history of the early church, also known as the Book of Acts, we read about the selection of the first deacons. You can go and read the story for yourselves in Acts 6, but the heart of the matter was that the church needed to choose seven people who were called by God to act as servants on behalf of the larger church. You see, the Apostles were called to preach and teach about the Resurrected Christ and the Deacons were chosen to oversee the well-being of those who were already part of the Jesus movement. According to Acts, the church was asked to choose seven people from among their number “who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom” and those chosen acted as leaders in the early church.

Here at FBC Augusta, we see ourselves as carrying on the tradition that was given to us in the Book of Acts. Each year, we elect new deacons who are called to be servant leaders in our congregation. It is once again that time of year! The first step in our process is deacon nomination. If you are on our campus any time over the next few weeks, you will see a form where you are asked to nominate others to serve as deacons in our church or you can submit your nominations on our website at I hope that you will take the time to pray and nominate men and women to serve as deacons in our community. This is an incredibly important role at FBC! If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

I am excited to continue our series on the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday, as David Hughes will be preaching on Matthew 5:27-37. Even if you are out of town celebrating Labor Day, I hope you will make time to join us for worship on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,