Dear Church,

Wednesday is usually a busy day at FBC. I most often write a couple of articles, work on sermons, and have a few meetings scattered throughout the day. Wednesday is one of those days when I don’t get to hit the pause button very often. But this morning I had a few extra minutes to read and think. It was going to be a pause in an otherwise crazy day. I poured a cup of coffee and opened my briefcase to grab a book.

Inside of my old leather bag I found this note from Evie. “I love you Dad.” Three simple words, written by a six-year-old, that have the ability to change the entire tenor of my day. I am loved, which really makes all the difference in the world. This little note from Evie reminded me of a reality that might be the most important thing we know in this life. We are loved. Wherever you are this morning, whatever you are going through, the good news of the Gospel is that you are loved. With no reservations, Jesus loves you. Let that goodness change the course of your day. Go in peace with that news, my friends.

I hope you will make plans to be with us on Sunday as we continue our series in the book of Acts.

Grace and Peace,