Dear Church,

If you have lived in Augusta for more than ten minutes, then you know that there is always something that happens in our fair city on the first full week of April. I will give you three guesses and I know most of you only need one. Yes, the Masters is upon us. As someone who loves the game of golf, this might be my favorite week of the year (outside of Holy Week, of course). It’s always an exciting time where the eyes of the world are fixed on Augusta. There is an extra buzz in the air as thousands of people come to the tournament, literally, from all over the world.

It is also a time when lots of people who live here year-round decide that it is a good time to get out of town! Whether you have children in the school system or you are long since retired from your job, next week is a time when I do not see many familiar faces around the CSRA. One of the impacts of so many people leaving town is that our worship attendance for the next two weeks is always significantly reduced!

If I was writing this letter ten years ago, I would be encouraging you to find a church to visit while you are out of town. While that is certainly still an option, I want to use my article today to encourage those of you who on vacation next week to join us in worship online! We have an excellent streaming platform for both our 9:00 and 11:00 service. Over the past few months, we have made significant improvements in our streaming capabilities. I am pleased with the progress we are making and I know you will be as well! While I do not always love technology, weeks like the one ahead of us remind me that good things like community are possible because of the internet.

For those who are traveling next week, I pray that you will have an amazing vacation and I look forward to seeing you online for worship! If you are staying Augusta, then I can’t wait to see you on campus Sunday morning (and hopefully out on the course one day!!).

As always, I am proud to be the pastor of such an amazing community.

Grace and Peace,