It was a great Mystery Trip 2022 for our eighteen 3rd-5th grade students and their chaperones this past weekend. We were able to surprise the kids with a trip to Tybee Island and the Burton 4H Center. We enjoyed the island and explored the Tybee Light House. Learned about the history of the light house and explored the museum. We visited the beach and collected shells. We played many games of Twister, Legos, Charades, and more. We enjoyed our meals together and the opportunity to unplug from our daily routines and plug in with Jesus.  Our focus this weekend was on following Jesus. We talked about how Jesus is our ultimate example as we learn and grow with God. We talked about surrounding ourselves with people who help to point us toward Jesus. We talked about how Jesus asks us to serve our neighbors in love, and finally how Jesus is our light and that we can share that light with our friends and neighbors.

One of our coolest surprises was the fact that our classroom had a viewing window directly into a Sea Turtle tank. We kept the curtain open the entire weekend so the kids could see Bell/Bill (we won’t know if the Lager Head turtle is male or female until about 30 years of age) a 5 year old rescued hatchling that has grown up at the 4H Burton Center and will be released this September. She reminded us of God’s great beauty and amazing ability to create all things good.

This trip was challenging because of the weather. You should be proud of each of the children that went on the trip. Each time our plan had to be altered they understood and found the joy in the new plan. We also  had the best chaperones. The next time you see Brandon Ludlow, Carla Parker, Alison Powell, or Jeremy Sword say a big “Thank You” to them. They made each child feel safe, connected, and important every step of the way. It is always an honor to be with our children as they deepen their walks with Jesus. Thank you for being a church that values connection, fellowship, learning, and fun.