Dear Church,

In this edition of the digital Interpreter, I want to remind you of some incredibly important dates in the life of our church.

  1. This Sunday, we begin Daylight Savings Time! While it appears that the Georgia legislature is working to eliminate this maddening tradition, for at least one more year in the state of Georgia, we will need to move our clocks forward one hour this Saturday night! Don’t forget. Every single year since I have worked in ministry, at least one person shows up an hour late for worship on Sunday morning. Don’t let that person be you this week.
  2. At 3:00 this Sunday afternoon, our incredibly gifted organist, Dr. Wayne Lord, will be hosting an organ concert in the Sanctuary. This will be a time where you can come into our space and hear music that will certainly help you to connect with Jesus Christ. If you want to hear more about this event, simply click on this link,
  3. Next Sunday, March 21st, our Children’s Ministry is hosting a “Spring Family Fun Day” from 3:00-5:45. We will have games and Easter activities for children birth through 5th grade, as well as Food Trucks present so families can make an evening out of this event! I am excited to bring my girls and reconnect with a number of young families in our church. For more information, visit our website
  4. Our annual Youth Week will take place, March 21-28. After hearing what David Hughes and others have planned for this special week in the life of our church, I am certain that our students are going to have an excellent week where they can more deeply connect with Jesus Christ and this Community of Faith.

Shifting gears, I want to continue to express my gratitude for your continued financial generosity.  Because of your willingness to give, our church is doing amazing things all throughout the CSRA. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread throughout this city and around the world, in part because of your willingness to be faithful in giving. I am grateful!

As always, I can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning.

Grace and Peace,