Dear Church,

I am sending you greetings from the Salem Camp Meeting in Covington, Georgia. Over the past three days, I have been privileged to be one of the keynote speakers at their annual camp meeting, which began in 1827. So far, I have preached five sermons in three days and I still have three more sermons to go before the week is done! There is a lot to love about this place, although there is one thing that has really stuck out to me over the course of this week. The pace of life is slower on the camp site. Instead of watching television at night, I have found myself sitting on back porches with people while I eat homemade ice cream. It has been an incredible week so far.

But as much as I have loved being at Salem, I think the highlight of my week happened on Tuesday afternoon. As luck would have it, the camp meeting is only a few minutes from Rock Eagle where a group of our third through fifth graders have been attending Passport Camps! I had some free time in the afternoon, so I decided to stop in for a quick visit. From the moment I arrived at their cabins, it was plain to see that our kids have been having a blast! Each kid I talked to told me a different story about what they loved most about being at camp. I left with no doubt in my mind that they were having a blast at Rock Eagle. But more importantly, what I love about camp is that they have learned about the love that Jesus has for each of them!

As I reflect on the stories from Salem camp as well as Passport camp, I realize that there is common thread running through each of them. Whether we are children or adults, what we need to hear more than anything else is that we are loved by Jesus Christ. That is what is being preached at camps across the country this week, and it’s the good news of the Gospel.

I hope that you know that fact on this day. You are loved by Jesus. That will always be enough

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday,