This past Christmas I had a former professor and friend from Erskine College come and play the organ for our “Christmas at First” performance. While talking with him, I found out that he had recently published a book on worship entitled With All Thy Mind which looks at the complexities of the human brain and how we interact with worship. Did you know that there have been case studies with patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease who no longer know their loved ones but yet can sit up when they hear certain tunes and sing text of hymns from years past? Music is a powerful, maybe the most powerful tool that connects us with God. I remember watching my oldest daughter when she was 1 stand up and dance around when music turned on. She was too little to know what “dancing” was, but yet music coursed through her like a train in a tunnel. It exploded her spirit and her body had to respond.

We are all made with the gift of making music. There’s a common joke going around with musicians that people ask the question, “How do you perform so well? Practice, says the musician. It must be an innate gift. Nope, just practice. I’ll never understand how some people are so talented… A mystery. No mystery, just a lot practice.”

We practice at First Baptist in the Music Ministry. But our practice is not to perform well. Instead, it is to refine the gift God has given us so we can lift others up and strengthen their relationship with God. Some do not have a relationship with God and music is a device that they are already familiar with that can help motivate to create a relationship with God.

Have you thought about using your gift of music at FBC? Maybe you sing, play an instrument, would like to try handbells. Maybe you want to help others learn and can help lead our children’s choirs or children’s activities? Maybe you can help us with enhancing our online and TV presence? Do you have a desire to help serve this community of God? If so, reach out to me and let me know how I can help plug you in.

-Ryan, Minister of Music