Dear Church,

Sometimes it takes a child to remind you of what is most important in life. I was putting Naomi to bed last night, which is not anything abnormal. We went through our normal routine of books, prayer, and finished with “Jesus Loves Me”. I kissed her on the head and then got up to make my way out of the room. Just as I was about to close her bedroom door, Naomi whispered my name and said, “Daddy, come back, I want to tell you something.” Of course, I made my way back over to her bed and knelt down by her little pillow. With a sweet little smile on her face, Naomi looked at me and said, “I am so excited that it is almost time for Jesus to be born! We are going to have a party on Christmas! Goodnight, Daddy!”

I am telling you this story because I want you to understand what will happen when we get together for our Christmas Eve services here at the First Baptist Church. What goes on at 3500 Walton Way this Friday is about far more than a photo opportunity by the Christmas Tree in the Rotunda. What happens that evening is significantly more than lighting candles and taking communion. Ultimately, what we are doing is celebrating! We are throwing a party to worship our Creator and lift our hearts with joy because in the person of Jesus, God has taken on flesh and come among us! On Christmas Eve, we lift our voices to God and throw a party because the Christmas Story declares that “God is with us!”. My friends, Naomi was right. Christmas deserves a party.

I hope you will make plans to join us at 3:30 for our Family Christmas Eve Service in the Chapel. If you haven’t been to this service before, it is really pretty simple (and awesome). It is a VERY casual service that lasts about thirty to forty minutes. My crew loves that service and I am sure that yours will as well! Also, I cannot wait for our 5:00 Candlelight and Communion Service in the Sanctuary. Outside of Easter Sunday, this is our greatest celebration and I know that many of you are planning to be with us in the room. I want to encourage you to arrive early so you can get a comfortable seat for you and your family. For those who aren’t able to join us in person, we will be streaming this service live through our website,

I am always proud to be the pastor of such an amazing church, but this time of year always heightens my love for our church. This has been an incredible year at FBC and we will celebrate Jesus well on Friday!

If I don’t get a chance to tell you in person, I hope that you have a Merry Christmas!

Grace and Peace,