Children’s Ministry During a Pandemic!

During this most different time everything that we were used to doing that seemed normal and humdrum has flipped upside down and turned inside out. “Doing Ministry” for children, parenting, teaching, coaching, etc. while living through this pandemic has made us grow at our edges, evaluate our own emotional intelligence, and it has made us wait. As I look back on the last six months and look forward in hope, I realize there has been much change and learning happening. I realize that much of my “doing ministry” is now being viewed as “being ministry” with children. We want to be together. We want to be the church through worship. We want to be a friend and help our neighbors. I think I now see everything a little bit clearer. We want to be with God and for God to be within us wherever we may “be” at the moment.

Everything we create and plan is intentional, there is no more doing for the sake of doing just because it was done for the last 18 seasons. We are planning and creating with purpose, evaluating and investigating with fervor, praying and faithfully leading with diligence, and trying ideas to connect with our church families. I am thankful to all of our teachers from the baby room through fifth grade who have stayed engaged with their classes through notes, phone calls, and surprises on doorsteps. I am thankful for parents who have engaged and walked the journey, doing Sunday School virtually, Worshiping with their children at home, worshiping with children in person when possible, doing VBS In The City!2020 even when it was tough and hard to keep everyone’s attention. I am thankful for those families who are being honest with their feelings, sharing their ideas, voicing their needs and comfort levels, sharing their journeys on our Facebook page, and most importantly praying continually with me and for me.

As we dream I will tell you we have put VBS 2021 on the calendar for June 7-11 and Passport Kids Camp will be July 17-20 at Rock Eagle Camp in Eatonton, GA. We are also planning for this month some Wednesday night fun “appropriately distanced” game nights. You will receive an email to sign up to let us know you are coming. We encourage parents to remain and enjoy the fun with their kids. The schedule is:

August 12th– 6:00-7:15 pm  3rd – 5th graders

August 19th– 6:00-7:15 pm  K-2nd graders

August 26th– 6:00-7:15 pm Preschoolers 2 years-4 years (parents must be present)

Our summer looked different, felt different, and was different. We did though celebrate when we could our first graders (now second graders) with their Bibles, learned about Serving Jesus, our Families, our Neighbors, during VBS, and we were able to do Passport Kids Camp “Be Together” virtually. I look forward to new Children’s Ministry opportunities in the coming months. I am praying daily for our kids who have started back to school and will start back in whatever capacity, in person, LFH, or homeschool. I am praying for teachers, staff (office, maintenance, and bus), and administrators. These are hard times. As a parent I feel it, as a minister I pray with you. I am here to listen and help as you need, I’m only a video chat or phone call away. I miss you, I love you, and I will see you soon.

With Joy,