Back to the Basics

Getting back to the basics of ministry is a beautiful thing.  The Church (yes, that is a capital C for a reason) tends to over complicate things in a quest to go bigger and better. I’ve certainly been guilty of it.  In fact, I think we all have.  In so doing we forget the genesis of our history – small groups of believers who followed “The Way” huddled in homes retelling the Gospel story of Jesus Christ and participating in holy communion.  That’s what they did…that’s all they did…each and every time.  There was no “production value.”  There was no “worship style.”  It was a group of people whose hearts were united in resurrection hope amidst the backdrop of a cold and severe world. It would seem that this small speck of light could do little, and yet from those basics blossomed beautiful things that shaped the course of civilization.  I think this historical truth has meaning for the days which we are living now.  As evidence, listen to how our youth and their small group leaders got back to the basics.

After a long, COVID induced hiatus, it was time to get our Sunday School ministry meeting in person again.  “Please no more Zoom meetings,” the youth pleaded with us.  We could relate.  We missed them too!  So on a muggy Sunday evening, small group leaders and students formed circles in various spots outside on our campus and studied God’s word together.  The passage was John 20:1-18 and appropriately enough it featured the resurrection story of Jesus.  That was the essence of our programming.  Nothing more. Nothing less.  It was so basic and yet it was so beautiful.  I wish you could have all been there to see it.

Moving forward student ministry will continue to keep it simple out of necessity.  This COVID era dictates as much, but it will not diminish the basics.  We will retell the Gospel story however and whenever we can, and within that is a powerful truth… these basics are all we truly need. They provide all we could ever ask to do kingdom work in our world.  We meet again this coming Sunday night (as long as there’s not a monsoon…prayers appreciated) and soon look forward to transitioning indoors with the rest of you on Sunday, September 13th.  Until then you can be sure that the basics will remain the same.