Dear Church,

If you were in worship on Sunday, then I know you felt the same way I did. The energy in both of our services was incredible. I saw faces that I see every single week and then I saw countless people who were entering into our worship spaces for the very first time. Seriously, it was an excellent day at the First Baptist Church of Augusta. We are on the cusp of doing some incredible things in our community, but in order to be the church that I believe God is calling us to be, we need YOUR help!

I had a conversation with Martha Kate and Randi (our preschool minister and children’s director) and they both let me know that with all the new faces we are seeing each Sunday, their areas need immediate help on Sunday mornings. Friends, if we are going to be the kind of church that reaches out to young families with the good news of the Gospel, then it is vitally important that when they show up at our campus on Sunday mornings, we have an army of volunteers who are ready to welcome them and to love on their children! As I am going to tell you on Sunday morning, in order for us to thrive, our community needs YOU.

Some of you are thinking that you aren’t cut out for working with kids, but I want you to know that there are a thousand different ways that you can serve. We need people to stand at doors and be the first smiling face that people see when they arrive. We need folks who are willing to watch over infants so that their parents can go and learn deep truths about the Gospel. We need energetic men and women who will step up to lead children’s worship so that our kids will know that worshipping Jesus is supposed to be fun and exciting. In short, we need YOU!

It is my hope that after some of you read my article, you will feel the “still, small voice” tugging at you and calling you to do something amazing for your church. If you want to know more about how you can plug in, reach out directly to Martha Kate ( or Randi (

I can’t wait to see you in worship on Sunday as we continue our series “WE in a world of ME”.

Grace and Peace,