This coming Sunday marks the date of all of our fall schedule starting up. Our new M3 schedule begins on Sunday evening and it is really going to be fun. Back when Melissa, David and I sat down to dream about this coming fall schedule, we realized that we wanted to be intentional about 3 things, 1. Making sure whatever we did would be transformational for children and youth in their spiritual life 2. Fun 3. Making it easier for parents. We had this opportunity to redesign when and how we would spend time with children in choirs and missions. What we took note of was how hard it was on parents to be here on time Wednesday nights, get their kids fed, get them to activities, and then get them home and to bed on a school night. Additionally, we have a lot of families who have kids that split between children’s activities and youth. We’re excited to see how M3 will playout in the lives of the children and parents.

In addition to what’s happening with the children, the rest of the Music Ministry is switching into high gear. Our handbells will start practice back up on Monday evening the 16th at 5:30. Our senior adult choir (First Family Singers) is going to start back up that Thursday the 19th at 10 am practicing and preparing for the opportunity to go and sing once again in nursing homes around the area. Our adult choir began practice back in May for regular worship services, but we began looking at Christmas music 3 weeks ago! I know that sounds early, but I have a wonderful evening planned for our Christmas at First concert this year and I want us to be well prepared.

Another few items that Dan Gaudinier has been working on for us is the addition of a new soundboard in the Sanctuary and some technical enhancements to our space. Our hearing impaired devices are working well again and we are dialing in adjustments each week for better audio in our space. Soon, we will be back to livestreaming our services for Sunday morning online.

I hope you are as excited as I am to begin a fresh start and consider joining one of the many areas of worship ministry. We have a spot for those who want to make a joyful noise and those who can help with just their hands and spirits. How can you get plugged in?