Dear Church,

There is a phrase in the Dyer home that we use on a regular basis. If I tell the girls once, I tell them ten times a day that “Sharing is caring”. I know you will find this hard to believe, but having three girls under nine years old leads to lots of arguments about what toys belongs to which child. Conversations that seemed friendly can very quickly become heated and it is in that moment that I like to remind the girls that, yes, “sharing is caring”! These are good words to hear for kids, but they are also good words for us to hear as adults. Extending your resources and your “stuff” to other people has always been a point of contention amongst people. That might be why I love the story of the early church in Acts, where we read that “all the believers were together and we had all things in common” (2:44).

I am talking to you about sharing because I have a favor to ask of you. Our church needs you to be generous, although I am not talking about money or possessions. Today, what I am asking is that you would be willing to share your voice and your opinion. Your opinion is far more important than most of us would ever realize and your willingness to make your voice heard has direct implications for our church. Let me tell you why I know this is true.

Each Sunday morning at FBC, we have multiple guests who are coming on our campus for the first time. We try incredibly hard to make ensure our guests have an incredible experience and want to come the next week. A number of our volunteers are equipped to engage new faces and ask how they found out about our church. The answers we receive are fascinating! By an overwhelming majority, most of the people who visit our church for the first time find out about FBC by looking us up online. They visit our website, look on our social media, and read Google reviews. This isn’t true of every guest, but it is without a doubt the most common answer, which is why I am asking you to share your voice!

What I would love for you to do is to write a Google review for First Baptist Church. It is an easy and non-threatening way to share your love of FBC with those who are looking for a place to call home. It takes less than five minutes and, I promise, it will make a difference. I am also going to ask that those of you on social media do the same thing. Write a review of our church, share our posts, engage with our online worship. I know these things seem small. But I promise you that they make a difference, because “sharing is caring”.

I hope you will join us on Sunday as we begin our new sermon series on the Book of Acts.

Grace and Peace,