Dear Church,

Christ is Risen! Those words were true when we spoke them on Sunday morning in worship and they remain true on the first Wednesday of the Easter season. As I said on Sunday, “Easter is a cosmic event that requires a personal decision”. I hope that each one of you who is reading this letter has taken time out of your week to think about how you live your life in the light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I certainly know that I have done quite a bit of reflecting over the past few days.

I wanted to take a moment and celebrate how wonderful our Easter Sunday services were at the First Baptist Church. I don’t think it was possible to leave our worship together without a smile on your face. I am thankful for the army of volunteers who stepped up to ensure that we welcomed everyone who stepped foot on our campus on Easter Sunday morning. Starting with our greeter network and extending all the way to our baptismal team, Sunday morning couldn’t happen without our dedicated team of volunteers!

So, now that Easter is over, what do we do next? I have a few thoughts on that question. One, Easter isn’t over. Frankly, it is never finished! Each Sunday we gather is a celebration of the Resurrection, so I hope that our church will continue to act like that is true. Second, over the next few weeks I want to take a deep look at the early church. As the first people who encountered the Resurrected Christ, those early followers laid the groundwork for everything that we do over two thousand years later! I think it will be worth our time on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to study and learn about the book of Acts. The church of America in 2022 looks more like the church of Acts than at any point in Christian history.

On a different note, please continue to pray for our Student Ministry Search team. They continue to make incredible progress in identifying the next pastor to lead our youth into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is a great time to be a part of FBC! As always, I am proud to be your pastor.

Grace and Peace,