Christmas Mission Opportunity

Each year the Benevolence Mission Ministry puts up Angel Trees around our campus. The Angel Trees are used to highlight a mission ministry that we support either here in our community or abroad. This year we will support our Local Mission Ministries that many of our church members serve and support throughout the year. The ministries that will be highlighted this year are our Food Pantry and Crisis Financial Assistance Programs, Copeland Elementary, Bridge Ministry, and our Homeless Comfort Bag Ministry. Each tree will be adorned with Angels and Green Envelopes. Each angel will specify a supply item that is needed for our ministries and the Green Envelopes will designate funds to a specific ministry or to our Mission Action Fund in general.  Our Angel Trees will be up and available for you to take an Angel or a Green Envelope on Wednesday November 30 through December 25th. Thank you for supporting and serving so we may continue to connect people with Jesus and our faith community.